ECAS predicts TDP-43 pathology

Our latest research has shown that cognitive impairment as detected by the ECAS is a valid predictor of TDP-43 pathology in non-demented ALS patients.
Dr. Jenna Gregory presenting her research at the 2019 ENCALS Meeting in Tours, France.

Approximately 35% of ALS patients (without dementia) exhibit mild cognitive impairments in executive functions, language and verbal fluency.

By using the ECAS, we have shown that it can predict TDP-43 pathology with 100% specificity in brain regions associated with executive, language and fluency domains.

This highlights the utility of the ECAS in accurately assessing the pathological burden of disease.

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Gregory, JM., McDade, K., Bak, TH., Pal, S., Chandran, S., Smith, C., & Abrahams, S. (2019). Executive, language and fluency dysfunction are markers of localised TDP-43 cerebral pathology in non-demented ALS. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, 1-9.