ECAS research at ENCALS Oxford 2018

The latest research led by Prof Sharon Abrahams and research featuring the ECAS was presented during the ENCALS meeting in Oxford, England 20th-22nd June. The following talks and posters by Sharon’s team took place:


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis related cognitive deficits are a marker of localised TDP-43 cerebral pathology – Jenna Gregory*, Karina McDade, Thomas Bak, Suvankar Pal, Siddarthan Chandran, Colin Smith and Sharon Abrahams

The relationship between apathy subtypes, quality of life and caregiver  burden in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis- work in progress – Debbie Gray*, Kaitlin Dudley, Eneida Mioshi, David Dick Giulia Melchiorre, Harry Gordon, Judith Newton, Shuna Colville, Suvankar Pal, Siddharthan Chandran, Zachary Simmons, Ratko Radakovic, Sharon Abrahams

Neuropsychiatric symptoms in MND patients and their family members – Caroline McHutchison*, Andrew McIntosh, Marie Ryan, Emmet Costello, Mark Heverin, Shuna Coville, Suvankar Pal, Siddharthan Chandran, Orla Hardiman, Sharon Abrahams

Emotional apathy and awareness in frontotemporal dementia – Ratko Radakovic*, Shuna Colville, Denise Cranley, John Starr, Suvankar Pal, Sharon Abrahams


1130am- Christopher Henstridge presents ‘Synapse loss in the prefrontal cortex is associated with cognitive decline in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis’.


The effect of a healthcare training programme on clinical usage of the Edinburgh Cognitive and Behavioural Screen (ECAS) – Faith Hodgins*, Steve Bell, Sharon Abrahams

The Edinburgh Cognitive and Behavioural ALS Screen: Relationship to age, education, IQ and the Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examinations-III – Mónica M. De Icaza Valenzuela*, Thomas H. Bak, Suvankar Pal, Sharon Abrahams

The Edinburgh Cognitive and Behavioural ALS Screen (ECAS) in Alzheimer’s Disease and behavioural variant Frontotemporal Dementia –  Mónica M. De Icaza Valenzuela*, Thomas H. Bak, Shuna Colville, Suvankar Pal,  Sharon Abrahams

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