How to access training

There is currently only one way to obtain certification to administer the ECAS. Please follow the steps below before completing the online training (password restricted).

Contact Professor Sharon Abrahams ( to gain access to the online training.

The 3 steps to completing ECAS training are as follows:

Step 1: Watch training video

The video below provides guidance on the administration of the ECAS. You should view this prior to attending training. In the video, Judy Newton (National Nursing Lead for Motor Neurone Disease) performs the cognitive interview and Sharon Abrahams provides guidance on the scoring procedure.

Please note, there is a very minor error in the video above, during the final task (Delayed Recognition at time 20:17 minutes). To the 7th question ‘Was he from the local council?’, the respondent answered ‘yes’ which was incorrect. However in the video it was accidentally marked as correct. Therefore when it comes to scoring, the respondent got 6 correct answers, which is converted to a final score of 2.

Translated versions may slightly differ according to cultural and normative data. Please refer to your local translation guidelines.

Step 2: Read ECAS guidelines and FAQs

Step 3: Complete the online training

Certification for usage can be obtained by completing the ECAS online training programme. This programme is certified by the European Network for the Cure of ALS.